New Look Interiors and the team of designers and installers recently renovated most of our home.   It was dated from the 1980s and chopped into small rooms. The project started with renovating our master bedroom and expanding the ensuite, along with adding a basement fireplace and sitting room.  We just love the ensuite vanity with double sinks, beautiful tiled shower and soaker tub.  In the next phase, we completely changed the Kitchen and main bathroom.  We appreciated Gordon’s suggestion to set up a fully functioning, temporary kitchen in our basement to allow us to live in the home during renovation.  We did go on a vacation during the last half of the project, and were completely amazed when we returned in late November to the “reveal” with new flooring throughout, finished kitchen, living room, bathroom and study.  They even set the appliances and furniture in place for us!   We love the new flooring that runs throughout the open concept house and can’t thank the people at New Look Interiors enough – fantastic work!

WR, St Patrick Ave - June 27, 2019

When your team arrived today, it was like Christmas morning – we were super excited!  The cabinets look terrific and your team was very professional.   Both the carpenters are amazingly talented and very neat, they protected the floors and kept the room very clean.   We love the new cabinets and thank you to New Look Interiors for making our dream kitchen come true!

Mackenzie Kitchen - October 11, 2017

Undertaking the remodelling of our basement bathroom was not the easiest of tasks but New Look Interiors took the bull by the horns and gave it their all.

It was the maze of plumbing pipes that presented the challenge, but after obtaining a permit to move the underground plumbing they were able to condense the above ground pipes into one wall, thereby opening up the area and making better use of the available space. The rest was plain sailing!

I am extremely happy with the work done by New Look Interiors. For me, their professionalism, knowledge and willingness to accommodate the customer have always put them ahead of their competitors.

Explorer Cres. Bath

I want to thank you for working with [my wife]. I’ve never seen her so happy and creative in my life. You have done such a wonderful job. The house is so comfy & cozy now. We are very happy.

Upper Fraser Road Kitchen