Gordon Skye, President and General Manager at New Look Interiors

Gordon Skye

President and General Manager

Gord has been in the industry for his entire working career and has owned Northern Skyeline Construction and New Look Interiors for 30 years. Gord brings years of experience to the table and knows the entire process from design to finishing.

Bryan Lockhart, Business Development Manager at New Look Interiors

Bryan Lockhart

Business Development Manager

Bryan has a financial background in the forest industry, business coaching and development, and the construction industry. He also has a marketing background and has developed New Look Interiors’ industrial coatings business. Bryan has a strong network of industrial coatings users in Northern BC, who use a wide variety of products from shop primers, zinc protective coatings, through to epoxy high performance coatings for structural steel, pipe systems, and industrial floor uses. Contact Bryan for any of your commercial and industrial coatings needs.

Dana Primus, Designer at New Look Interiors

Dana Primus


Dana has over 10 years of experience in the design industry and has become specialized in Kitchen design over the last 3 years. She particularly enjoys extreme make-overs, and has the ability to look past the existing parameters and visualize the beautiful end result.  Working with Dana is a truly personalized experience, as she ensures each newly designed space functions well with the client’s daily lives. Although she’s busy balancing building her own home in 2018, and parenting three young children, she always looks forward to meeting new clients and designing kitchens to enhance their lives.

Jana Bogh, Design Consultant at New Look Interiors

Jana Bogh

Design Consultant

Jana joined our team in 2018 with energy and passion for beautiful design, and she will assist you with making your kitchen or bathroom project amazing. Jana has completed training certifications with renown designer Maria Killam at her Colour Workshops in 2017. Whether you’re selling your home, or updating the kitchen or bathroom, working with Jana, a trained “True Colour Expert”, she can help you design the space and choose the right materials and colour scheme for your project!

Trudy Shevkenek

Paint and Colour Consultant

Kelly Morris

Sales Consultant, Blinds, Tiles, Flooring

Rachel Hageman

Paint and Colour Expert